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With a Secure Bullion Vault Account you can securely buy, sell and store physical gold, per gram, 24/7.

Owning gold has never been this safe and convenient.

Gold—the Ultimate
Store of Value

Gold has an unbeatable track record as a store of value, because it’s immutable and can’t be printed. 

Euros, dollars, and currencies alike, can be created boundlessly. While they lose value against gold over time, gold retains its purchasing power. The gold price in euros has increased by 550% in 20 years.

To protect your savings you need an account with physical gold: a Secure Bullion Vault Account.

Secure Your Savings

Gold held in a Secure Bullion VaultAccount is backed for 100% by physical gold. The gold in our custody is independently audited, and fully insured.

We have designed the Secure Bullion Vault Account so it’s simple to use. At the same time our app and online platforms meet the most robust security standards.

You can rest assured your gold is safe with us.

Verified Value

We have turned over every stone to eliminate counterparty risk for our clients. Our solution is an independent “chain of integrity.”

Secure Bullion Vault has its very own high-security vault located in the US. Additionally, we have our own 99.99% pure gold bars cast at LBMA refinery partners, which we test for purity and weight when we receive them.  

Through our chain of integrity we are certain of the quality and safety of the gold in our custody.

Make Your Physical Gold Storing Safe and Easy

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